Your guide to choosing the right board

Einstein famously wrote his groundbreaking E=MC² on a chalkboard for the world to see. Steve Jobs gave the whiteboard a significant boost by using it to clarify complex processes at Apple. Each type of writing board has its unique advantages, but which one should you choose? In this blog, we discuss the different options and help you make the right choice for your needs.

Similarity of Chameleon surfaces

Before diving into each surface individually, it’s important to note that all the surfaces mentioned below are made from enameled steel. This highly durable material can be kept perfectly clean for a lifetime. One of the surfaces below can be chosen for each Chameleon whiteboard.

Whiteboard White

This is the most popular whiteboard surface. It has a high gloss finish, though not as high as glass whiteboards. The advantage of the glossy surface is that markings are perfectly visible, making it ideal for presentations and situations where it needs to be read from a distance, such as in schools. This enamel surface is also very easy to clean and maintain. However, if the gloss is found to be distracting or less appealing, Low Gloss may be a better option.

Low Gloss

The Low Gloss writing surface is somewhat more matte than the classic Whiteboard White. Because it reflects and glitters less, it is ideal for rooms with a lot of light. In terms of writability and erasability, this surface is almost on par with the Whiteboard White surface. We also recommend the Low Gloss surface when the board will be used intensively for both writing and projecting.

Grijs Low Gloss

This surface has the same qualities as standard Low Gloss but with a slightly greyer tint. In some design projects, the standard white color is found to be too contrasting, especially when the design concept needs to exude more warmth. The Low Gloss Grey appears softer and brings more tranquility to the room, with the matte surface contributing to this effect.


When the board is primarily used for projection and the projection quality needs to be perfect, we recommend choosing the Projection surface. This ultra-matte surface shows no reflection at all. Projection on this board displays the best possible image quality from projectors. While it is writable, erasing is more challenging. However, using whiteboard spray makes it possible to clean the board effectively.

Chalkboard Grey

Choosing a chalkboard has specific reasons. The most important is that chalk allows for nuances to be made by pressing harder or softer. In education, this is used to add shading in drawings, for example. The color Chalkboard Grey is a matte, anthracite surface that gives both a classic and modern touch to the decor. As a result, Chalk Grey is also a popular surface within office design.

Chalkboard Green

Green chalkboards have a more classic look that many people associate with educational institutions. The green surface exudes calmness and provides a good contrast for white chalk, making it pleasant to read. The generation of chalk dust can be a reason to prefer whiteboards.

Which one to choose?

The choice between Whiteboard White, Low Gloss, Projection, Chalkboard Grey, and Chalkboard Green depends on your specific needs and the environment in which you will use the board.

  • For regular use during meetings or in the classroom: Whiteboard White is an excellent choice due to its brightness and easy cleaning.
  • For multifunctional spaces: Whiteboard Low Gloss offers the benefits of a whiteboard and can also serve as a projection board.
  • For classrooms where the board is used solely for projection: The Projection surface provides the best image quality.
  • For school and office environments: Chalkboard Grey offers a modern classic look with the ability to add nuances with chalk.
  • For traditional educational institutions: Chalkboard Green provides good contrast and a classic look.

By carefully considering the pros and cons of each option, you can choose the board that best suits your needs and environment. Have you made your choice? Then find your desired whiteboard here.