Mobile whiteboards

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Mobile whiteboards

On this page you will find all Chameleon whiteboard and acoustics products for flexible space use in offices and schools. We offer mobile whiteboards on wheels, as well as whiteboards that lean against the wall and even whiteboards that you hang from a hanging knob.

Chameleon’s mobile whiteboards are designed to be taken anywhere, transforming any space into a flexible brainstorming or collaboration space in no time, where creativity and efficiency come together.

Why Chameleon mobile whiteboards

#1 Flexible creativity: Chameleon’s mobile whiteboards allow you to work anywhere, quickly transforming any space into an inspiring environment for ideas and collaboration.

#2 Reliable durability: Our mobile whiteboards promise a lifetime of use with their high-quality enamel writing surface, ensuring long-term quality for all your creative expressions.

#3 Adaptability and eco-friendliness: Whether with various options or the use of recycled PET material, our mobile whiteboards effortlessly adapt to your needs, while contributing to improved acoustics and a more sustainable future.

With their high-quality enamel writing surface, our mobile whiteboards offer a lifetime guarantee of perfect writing and erasure, making them stand the test of time. Available in various designs, sizes and materials, they effortlessly adapt to the needs of any environment. Moreover, the mobile whiteboards can be partially or fully covered with 100% recycled PET material, contributing not only to better acoustics but also to a more sustainable future.

Frequently Asked Questions About Whiteboards on wheels

A mobile whiteboard offers several advantages that facilitate its use in various environments such as offices, schools, and meeting rooms:

  1. Mobility: Thanks to the wheels, the whiteboard can easily be moved from one room to another. This is ideal for schools and offices where space needs to be used flexibly.
  2. Flexibility: The whiteboard can be quickly deployed wherever it is needed most at the moment. This makes it a convenient solution for ad-hoc meetings, workshops, and brainstorming sessions.
  3. Space-saving: A mobile whiteboard can be stored away when not in use, saving valuable wall and floor space.
  4. Multifunctionality: Many mobile whiteboards are double-sided, meaning both sides can be used, which is useful for longer sessions or multiple presentations.

The wheels of the Chameleon Harmonica Workwall are luxurious 360-degree swivel wheels. The quality of the wheels is important, not only to support the weight properly but also for mobility. The wheels under the Harmonica Workwall are suitable for all surfaces such as high-pile carpet and laminate. The wheels of the Chameleon Mobile are so-called skate wheels that are recessed into the frame. This allows the whiteboard to be pulled forward and backward in a straight line. To turn the board, it can be lifted by the leather loop on the frame.

Yes, all our mobile whiteboards can also be made with a gray or green chalk surface in addition to an enamelled whiteboard surface. This version of a mobile chalkboard is used in canteens to display menus or in schools.

Yes, all our mobile whiteboards also have an acoustic function. Both the Chameleon Mobile and the Chameleon Harmonica Workwall can be partially or fully fitted with acoustic PET felt in 21 different colors. This makes our mobile whiteboards multifunctional: besides being writable, they are also acoustic and can be used as a notice board.

The Chameleon Harmonica Workwall is a large whiteboard on wheels. The writing surface of this fold-out whiteboard wall is nearly 6 meters long and 2 meters high in total. This makes it an excellent surface for holding weekly starts or brainstorming sessions.

Chameleon aims for end users not to have to assemble the mobile whiteboards themselves. Within the Netherlands, the Chameleon installation team handles most of the assembly projects. In other countries, we make arrangements with our dealers to perform the assembly.


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