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On this page, you can read all about using whiteboards in education and combining them with digital displays via displays and projectors. Compare the advantages of several commonly used setups and find out which one suits your needs.

Writing boards create consistency and overview

In classroom teaching, lesson material is underpinned by reasoning and/or formulas. The added value of a good teacher is being able to intuitively build a narrative that students can follow. An analogue writing board makes this possible. As teachers manually write their lesson material on the board, explanations are adapted to the pace of writing. This is called ‘slow teaching’ and is a way of teaching that gives brains time to comprehend lesson material optimally.

Classroom with whiteboard strip in combination with a projector

Whiteboards in today's education

With the rise of ‘digital nomadism’, the field of education has also undergone a shift. Teachers and educational professionals are increasingly embracing the freedom offered by technology to flexibly choose their work location. Traditional classrooms are being replaced by flexible, technology-integrated environments that support the needs of both teachers and students. At the same time, analogue whiteboards are an indispensable link in these modern learning environments. They are integrated as a tangible tool for creativity and interaction, creating a balance between digital and traditional learning tools. This evolution in the spatial design of educational facilities reflects the growing trend of a borderless and flexible educational landscape.

Whiteboard and projection

The combination of a whiteboard and projector in education opens the door to a wide range of possibilities and benefits for both teachers and students. One of its main advantages is its image size. Projecting on a single Chameleon board can go up to 120 inches. Projections are therefore perfectly legible up to at least 7 metres.

Projection board with writing boards

Single projection board with separate writing boards

Intimate settings with small group of pupils or students.

Readable from any viewing angle

Small writing panels next to Middle board with low gloss surface delivers high image quality.

Interactive teaching

An interactive module is possible in this setup.


projection surface of 88 or 100 inches is a cost-effective alternative to touch displays.

Functional for specific subjects

The annotation side panels can be executed with multiple surfaces and/or lineatures.
Projection surface with whiteboards

Strip of horizontal whiteboard panels at writing height, with an Ultra short-throw projector above the whiteboard on the wall.

classroom teaching

Peace in space

All panels have the same surface: high gloss or low gloss

Efficient use of space

Writing and projecting on the same surface

Lots of workspace

Large writing surface for explanation. Panels can even corner the room.

Interactive teaching

Interactive module possible with 88 and 100 inch
Chameleon writable projection whiteboard wall

Vertical projection boards together form a large projection surface. Possibly paired with high gloss writing boards. A long-throw projector remote from the board can project images up to 220 inches.

Spaces with long distances to the board such as conference or lecture halls

Long-distance readability

Projection surface of up to 220 inches

Readability from any viewing angle

Matte projection surface provides least reflection

Better quality

Longthrow projectors can deliver higher quality

More freedom of movement

Operation with tablet enables walking around.
Chameleon Large projection board together with height adjustable writing boards

Vertical projection boards together form a large projection surface at wall height. A column board is mounted in front of it.

University lecture halls

Long-distance readability

Projection surface from 120 inches

Readability from any viewing angle

surface provides least reflection

Better quality

Longthrow projectors can deliver higher quality

Functional for specific subjects

Column boards with multiple surfaces and liniatures possible

Height adjustable

Projection board at height is highly visible. Column board can be lowered.

Whiteboard and display

Displays such as touchscreens are used in all levels of education. They can contribute to visually engaging lessons with video and other digital content. However, displays are no substitute for whiteboards or chalkboards. Chalkboard displays enable a form of intuitive teaching that cannot be supported by digital means. Therefore, the most ideal setup is one where the digital display is used in combination with the analogue chalkboard.

flatscreen with whiteboards

Fixed display with fixed whiteboards or chalkboards at the same height, possibly with liniatures.

Learning squares and smaller consultation areas where presentations and brainstorms take place.


the display is inexpensive and effective

Functional for specific subjects

Multiple liniatures possible.


Format and corner radius of writing panels can be made the same as the display
height adjustable flatscreen with whiteboards

Height adjustable display between 2 vertical writing boards.

Kindergarten classes and learning squares that both pupils and teacher work on

For large and small

The vertical whiteboards cover the writing height of both the small child and the teacher.

Functional for specific subjects

Multiple lineatures possible.


Door het display hoogteverstelbaar te maken kan deze onder en boven uitgelijnd worden met de schrijfborden.
flatscreen on a whiteboard wall

Whiteboard wall with (height-adjustable) display on the board. Wiring through recess in the board.

Practice classrooms, brainstorming rooms and large classrooms

Lots of workspace

Large writing surface for explanations

Efficient use of space

Whiteboard and display integrated into one solution
mobile flatscreen in front of a whiteboard wall

Whiteboard wall with a monile flatscreen in fornt of it.

Practice classrooms

Lots of workspace

Large writing surface for explanations


Flatscreen can be removed for maximal whiteboard use.

Why Chameleon

Chameleon combines analogue writing boards with digital tools to create a total solution that serves the learning objective.
  • Chameleon writing boards make the connection between analogue and digital means, both in projection and with displays.
  • Chameleon writing boards offer a lifetime guarantee of perfect writing and erasing quality. Especially with very intensive daily use in education, this is an absolute prerequisite for a long service life.
  • No school equipment is standard. Chameleon specialises in customised project furnishing.
  • We specialise in personally supervising furnishing projects from advice to assembly with short lines of communication and excellent service.

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