Acoustic wall panels

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Acoustic wall panels

Are you looking for good or better acoustics for your office or school? Then you are on the right page. Here you will find a variety of acoustic wall panels, acoustic ceiling panels and complete acoustic walls.

Preventing reverberation and improving room ambience not only boosts productivity but also creates an environment in which people can thrive optimally. Explore our diverse collection of sustainable PET felt panels, which not only consist of 100% recyclable material, but also excel in maintaining colour fastness.

Why acoustic wall panels from Chameleon?

#1 Effective sound attenuation: Our 9mm, 18mm and 25mm panels offer effective sound attenuation, allowing schools and offices to enjoy a quiet environment that promotes concentration and productivity.

#2 Visual embellishment of the room: Our panels are not only functional in reducing noise, but also serve as an aesthetic statement through their through-and-through colouring, giving the room a visual upgrade and creating a pleasant atmosphere.

#3 Customisation for a unique look: Each acoustic panel is fully customisable with various patterns, v-cuts, bevel-cuts and cut-outs to perfectly fit the unique style and needs of your space, creating a personalised and functional solution.

With an extensive palette of 18 vibrant colours, they easily add a touch of dynamism to any school or office décor. The magnetic mounting system offers the flexibility to link the glass boards both horizontally and vertically to create an inspiring glassboard wall that fits perfectly into any space, allowing them to decorate your environment in a creative and functional way.

Our 9 mm single-layer panels and 18 mm double-layer panels not only offer effective noise reduction, but also an aesthetic statement thanks to their through-and-through colouring. In addition, our 25 mm panels come in grey as standard, but can also be printed in virtually any colour, or even fully personalised with your own text or images.


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