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Chameleon is a brand of Smit Visual B.V.

Spaarpot 120 – 122

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    Frequently asked questions


    We have included our gross and net weights in the spec sheets. You can find these under ‘downloads’ on each product page. For the Sharp whiteboard, the weights are on page 3 of this spec sheet.

    The maximum size of whiteboards we can ship is 118×298 cm. Our carriers specialize in transporting these dimensions.

    We advise inspecting products upon delivery and reporting any transportation damage to us immediately. You can do this by sending an email, including photos of the damage, to info@smit-visual.nl. Of course, you can also call us.

    Chameleon products are custom-made to order. Depending on the order size, the delivery time can range from a few working days to several weeks. You can always inquire about the exact delivery date by emailing or calling us.

    Questions about our products

    A Chameleon whiteboard can always be perfectly cleaned again. When ink stays on the board for a longer period without being erased, it may adhere a bit more. This can cause ghosting, a faint ink residue on the board. However, it can be easily removed with whiteboard spray and a microfiber cloth. Perform this spray treatment regularly to remove all ink residues. This way, you’ll have a brand-new whiteboard every day.

    A Chameleon whiteboard or glass board essentially maintains its quality and function indefinitely. The surface does not discolor, scratch, or lose its cleanliness over its lifespan. However, the Chameleon acoustic PET felt products are slightly more susceptible to damage or dirt due to the soft material. In most buildings, the acoustic felt is mounted in places where, for example, leaning against the wall does not occur, at height, or on the ceiling.

    Yes, that’s correct, but please note that pinholes in acoustic PET felt won’t disappear. They remain visible. To minimize this, we recommend using push pins instead of regular pins, as they are thinner.

    If you plan to use the board extensively for pinning, we recommend considering bulletin board material. Our service representatives are happy to assist you in making the right choice for your project.

    No, for glass boards, you need extra strong neodymium magnets. This is because the magnetic layer is steel behind the glass. You can find the Chameleon glass board starter kits at Chameleon Accessories.