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Choose a Chameleon enamel whiteboard for a high-quality and durable Dutch product. Our whiteboards are characterized by a frameless design and an ultra-sleek edge, hand-finished for optimal quality. Each board undergoes thorough inspections to minimize deviations or imperfections. The TÜV-certified magnetic mounting system enables everyone to (re)assemble Chameleon whiteboards quickly and easily.

Why Chameleon Whiteboards?

Think big: Chameleon whiteboards are not only borderless, they are also razor-sharp computer-cut. This allows multiple panels to be hung against each other, creating a large whiteboard wall with minimal seams.

Whiteboard cleaning: Chameleon whiteboards all have an enamel writing surface that is as hard as glass. This makes them excellent for writing on and cleaning. The surface is also scratch-resistant and magnetic. Want tips on how to clean your whiteboard properly? Check out this Blog we wrote.

Creative freedom: Do you have your own wishes? With complete freedom in design and size, our whiteboard solutions can be perfectly tailored to your unique vision, culture and needs. Looking to combine with acoustic felt? Our range is designed so that Chameleon whiteboards and Chameleon acoustic panels together form a whole. And is a whiteboard too white? All our whiteboards are also available in grey and even as chalkboards.

Our company The strength of ours lies in assisting in furnishing projects. Our sales consultants offer support and advice in tender processes, but they are also happy to assist you with small projects. Think of furnishing primary schools to universities, as well as local SMEs to head offices.

When it comes to offering whiteboards and acoustic solutions, we are used to working with project fitters, architects construction companies and clients within projects. If you are an end-user looking for our products, we will gladly put you in touch with one of our dealers.

FAQ about whiteboards

Chameleon whiteboards are all made of enameled steel. This means that the writing surface is glass-hard and smooth. As a result, ink from a whiteboard marker doesn’t have a chance to adhere. Simply wipe the whiteboard with a microfiber cloth to remove all ink for a clean result. However, it’s possible that ink that has been on the whiteboard for a longer period may leave a haze on the board when wiped clean. Not to worry: use the eraser spray from our starter kit to definitively remove all ink residues. If you don’t have eraser spray, try using a damp microfiber cloth. When purchasing whiteboard markers, note that there are differences in quality. Cheap markers are often more difficult to erase. For the best writing and erasing performance, use markers from reputable brands. Check out our accessory assortment for our whiteboard markers.

No, whiteboard markers are generally not washable from clothing. If ink from a whiteboard marker gets on clothing, it’s important to take action as soon as possible. You can try to remove the ink by dabbing with a damp cloth and then using mild soap. However, it’s possible that the ink may not be completely removed from the clothing. If the stain is stubborn, it may be necessary to use professional cleaning products or consult a professional dry cleaner.

Answering this question at Chameleon is just as simple as the mounting system itself. All you need to do is attach one or more provided magnetic plates with plugs to the wall. The hanging of the magnetic plates doesn’t require precise measurements since the whiteboard is magnetically clipped onto them, allowing for ample adjustment in height and width. Using a glass lifter is recommended for placing the whiteboard.

The Chameleon whiteboard is definitely magnetic. Or rather, magnetically receptive is a better description. There is a steel layer embedded in the surface that magnets adhere to. The chalkboard in our collection is also magnetic. Chameleon chalkboards are constructed in the same way as a Chameleon whiteboard, but with a different surface.

Both writing boards have their own qualities. Let’s start with the biggest similarity: the erasing quality. Because the surfaces of both products erase equally perfectly. The big advantage of a whiteboard is readability. Because there is no transparent glass layer present like with a glassboard, letters are more legible without shadow effects. This can be decisive, especially in education and with intensive professional use. The advantage of glassboards is the wide range of colors: at Chameleon, you can choose from 18 colors of glassboards. This can be decisive when you prefer a beautiful whiteboard.

The largest single panel available from us is 118×298 cm. However, this doesn’t mean that we can’t provide a larger writing surface. For example, our Sharp Wall product is a large writing wall consisting of 2 or more panels that are mounted almost seamlessly together. This can create an infinitely large writing surface in principle.

Chameleon whiteboards are excellent for use as school boards in modern educational institutions. With our whiteboards, various setups are possible that are often used in education. The most popular setups are a whiteboard strip from left to right across the wall. This provides the teacher with a lot of space for explanations and information. Another setup where a Chameleon whiteboard is used is as a projection board. A projector is mounted above the whiteboard. By using the whiteboard in our Low Gloss surface, the board is very suitable for both projection and writing with a whiteboard marker. The Chameleon chalkboard is also very suitable for use in schools.

That’s possible at Chameleon. What are you looking for? A single whiteboard without a frame in a non-standard size? Or a wall-filling whiteboard that connects from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall? Or do you have your own creative idea such as incorporating a logo or combining it with acoustic felt? It’s all possible, and Chameleon is happy to help. As the only provider in the market, we specialize in this. Check out our specials for more options.

Chameleon whiteboards are frameless, meaning they have no frame. This whiteboard is cut with special CNC machines. The edge is then manually painted, with the finish of each board being visually inspected for imperfections. The razor-sharp edge allows panels to be placed next to each other with minimal seam. This way, a larger writing surface can be created.

The Chameleon chalkboard, like the whiteboard, is made of enameled steel. This is the best quality available on the market. It results in a beautiful matte smooth chalk surface in a deep gray or forest green color. The chalk surface is guaranteed to be perfectly erasable for life. Wipe the board once a week (depending on usage) with a wet sponge or cloth for a perfectly clean result.


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