5 Tips for a whiteboard brainstorm

Brainstorming sessions are a form of consultation that appeals to the creativity of the participants. The goal is often to find more inventive solutions that lie outside “standard thinking. In this article, we provide 5 tips for coming up with more inventive solutions.

Creative design promotes creative thinking

Ask any Creative Director of an advertising agency where he/she gets the best ideas and the answer will most likely be on a bicycle or while walking. There, senses are constantly being fed new stimuli as a source of new thinking.

So you get more ideas in an environment where more creative stimuli are present. This can also be stimulated in an indoor space by creative furnishings. Furnishings that activate the brain to make new associations. Among other things, colors, shapes and images contribute to this.

A large whiteboard gives creativity free rein.

Chameleon’s motto is, “Don’t scale the size of your ideas to the size of your whiteboard. In other words, don’t let the writing surface hinder your creativity. You need space to be able to associate, visualize and further develop good thinking. The more space the better.

Create analog mind maps

A whiteboard is ideal for mindmapping. Start at a central word or topic. From there, make associations that you connect to the topic as “branches. From those branches, you create new branches. Use one word per branch and use as few sentences as possible. This will keep your mind map organized on the whiteboard and thus in your head. The advantage of a mind map on a whiteboard is that your brain processes the branches at the same time as you write.

Pictures help the brain

Replace words with drawings. Canadian professor Allan Paivio has done research on working memory. In doing so, he discovered that visual information is processed differently in memory than verbal communication. The written word “tree” is stored once in your brain – verbally. But a picture of a tree is stored twice by your brain: visually and verbally. So in your creative brainstorming, make use of your drawing talents!

Complete your mind map

You probably recognize it: are you on your way home after your presentation or consultation and then the ideas suddenly flood in. This has to do with the processing time of your brain and the ability to think about them from a distance. Therefore as a tip: Leave the outcome of a creative brainstorming session mostly on the whiteboard. Add new ideas regularly in the following days.