5 Tips for a beautifully maintained Chameleon whiteboard

Congratulations on your wonderful purchase of a Chameleon enamel whiteboard! While you admire how beautiful and clean the surface is, the question arises: how can I make sure it stays as it was at the time of purchase? Fortunately, we’re here to help. We’re happy to share our 5 essential tips for maintaining the pristine condition of your Chameleon whiteboard.

With our 5 essential tips, you'll effortlessly maintain the perfect condition of your Chameleon whiteboard.

Tip #1: Before getting started with your whiteboard, it is advisable to clean the surface with an appropriate cleaning spray. This way you eliminate residue from the manufacturing process and create a completely clean surface to write on. Start with a clean canvas so that your brilliant ideas can be fully realized.

Tip #2: When wiping ink from the whiteboard, make sure the board is completely dry. Use a clean microfiber cloth to gently wipe away the ink to avoid smudges and maintain the flawless appearance of your writing board.

Tip #3: Maintain the shine of your whiteboard regularly with our recommended cleaning spray. Choose Chameleon’s specialized cleaning spray or a similar non-greasy alternative to ensure the optimal erasability and longevity of your board. That way, your board will always remain ready for your next creative breakthrough.

Tip #4: Accidentally used the wrong marker on your board? Don’t panic! Clean the surface immediately with cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth. If the stain persists, write over the area with a whiteboard marker until the colors blend. Then you can clean the area again with the cleaning spray.

Tip #5: When washing the microfiber cloth, it is important not to use fabric softener. This way, the cloth retains its optimal absorption and effectiveness when cleaning your whiteboard.

Do you still have questions about whiteboard maintenance and cleaning after reading these tips? We would be happy to provide you with advice!