Interior designers & architects

The versatility, options for customization and high-quality finish make Chameleon whiteboards a product of choice for project design. Especially for you as a decorator or architect, we have several resources and applications that help bring Chameleon into your project.

Some of our spearheads for project design

  1. Chameleon whiteboard walls can be incorporated into (moveable) interior walls as well as mounted on existing walls as a demountable product. Using our magnetic mounting system, whiteboard panels can easily be taken off the wall to be 100% reused in their original form.
  2. We are proud to offer a lifetime warranty on our enamel surfaces. This allows a Chameleon whiteboard to be written on and erased perfectly throughout the life of a building, without wear and tear or quality degradation.
  3. Because we manufacture in-house, we can deliver to the desired address at lightning speed. From a small accessory box to large wall panels.
  4. Chameleon assembly teams work according to the guidelines of the Conscious Builders handbook. Assembly can be planned to minimize inconvenience. Tools comply with guidelines, such as dust extraction on machines.
  5. The Chameleon enamel whiteboard surface has the Indoor Advantageā„¢ Gold certification: the enamel surface meets the Indoor Air Quality certification (SCS-EC10.3-2014 v3.0) for ‘open plan and private office workstation’ parameters and ‘School classroom’ parameters. Registration number: SCS-IAQ-02139.Full documentation can be found in our Chameleon documentation folder.