Meet Chameleon

You choose a Chameleon product not only for its high quality and design. You also choose a partner committed to long-term collaboration. How do we do that?

Local production

We manufacture our products ourselves in our own production facilities in Geldrop. To give you an insight into our production process, we are happy to show you around. You will see how we deal with environmental aspects, working conditions and quality assurance, among other things.


Chameleon’s organisation is set up to respond quickly. For example, to adapt standard products to customised wishes. Or to adapt assembly planning to individual requirements. This flexibility is in our company’s DNA.


Whether it is the inside sales staff or the sales consultants, our employees have excellent knowledge of ongoing projects. Close involvement and personal commitment ensure that projects run smoothly and efficiently.


Modern entrepreneurship is taking future generations into account. Smit Visual (producer of Chameleon) recognises the important role producers play in making our society more sustainable. That is why we are working daily to succeed in this area. Certification is the easiest measurable proof of this commitment. For example, the wood we use for our products is FSC certified and we are ISO 14001 certified.

Our lifetime guarantee on writing surfaces is also part of sustainability as a topic. Products with a long life span are less likely to need replacing.

Corporate video


What can you expect from Chameleon?

Whether it is school furnishing for a primary school or office furnishing, Chameleon offers the inspiration and the solutions. With products designed with an eye for design and functionality in one. Get inspired with the standard range as a starting point for unique furnishings. Choose from the many options per product or go for a fully customised design. Chameleon makes it happen.


Can we help you?

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