Magnetic Glassboards

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Magnetic Glassboards

Chameleon’s glass whiteboards combine functionality and style. With 18 elegant colors, these magnetic boards fit into any interior. Choose a single glassboard or an entire glass wall with multiple panels. The glassboards are available in various sizes and shapes, with custom-made options available upon request. Add elegance to your office or workspace with a durable and practical glass whiteboard from Chameleon.

Why magnetic glassboards from Chameleon?

1. Chameleon glassboards and glas walls always retain their color, thanks to a special technique where the color is enameled into the glass. UV light does not affect the color, allowing our glass boards and walls to maintain their vibrant appearance for life.

2. Chameleon glassboards and glas walls are easy to use. You can write on them with both glass markers and regular whiteboard markers. Black markers are easily readable on all colored glass boards, providing flexibility and clarity in your notes.

3. With Chameleon’s magnetic mounting system, you can connect glassboards flexibly, both horizontally and vertically. This way, you can easily create an inspiring glassboard wall that perfectly suits your space and creative needs.

4. With an extensive palette of 18 vibrant colors, Chameleon glassboards add dynamism to any school or office decor. The magnetic mounting system offers flexibility by allowing glassboards to be connected both horizontally and vertically, enabling you to create an inspiring glassboard wall that perfectly fits your space.

5. Whether you choose a single glassboard or a complete glassboard wall, our advisors are happy to help you select the right solution. We provide support for both integrating it into your project and installation, so you can enjoy a creative and functional setup without worry.


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