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For schools and offices, creating pleasant acoustics is crucial. By preventing reverberation and improving the atmosphere in the space, not only is productivity boosted, but an environment is also created where people can thrive optimally. Discover the power of sound-absorbing panels, which can make a world of difference. Explore our diverse collection of durable PET felt panels, which not only consist of 100% recyclable material but also excel in color fastness preservation.

Chameleon Acoustic Panels

Our single-layer 9mm and double-layer 18mm panels not only offer effective sound absorption but also make an aesthetic statement thanks to their through-coloring. Additionally, our 25mm panels are delivered standard in grey but can also be printed in almost any desired color, or even fully personalized with your own text or images.

Furthermore, each acoustic panel is fully customizable, with various patterns, v-cuts, bevel-cuts, and cutouts, ensuring it perfectly matches your unique style and needs. Bring your space to life with sound-absorbing panels that are not only functional but also make a statement in design and personality.

Why Chameleon Acoustic Panels?

#1 Effective Sound Absorption: Our 9mm, 18mm, and 25mm panels provide effective sound absorption, allowing schools and offices to enjoy a quiet environment that enhances concentration and productivity.

#2 Visual Enhancement of Space: Our panels not only serve a functional purpose in reducing sound but also act as an aesthetic statement due to their through-coloring, providing the space with a visual upgrade and creating a pleasant atmosphere.

#3 Customization for Unique Appeal: Each acoustic panel is fully customizable with various patterns, v-cuts, bevel-cuts, and cutouts, ensuring it perfectly matches the unique style and needs of your space, resulting in a personalized and functional solution.