Whiteboard with coloured edge

Chameleon lives up to its name

In 2017, we created the product name CHAMELEON with the idea of designing whiteboards to better integrate with their surroundings. The frameless design and freedom of form of Chameleon whiteboards was a great step forward. Now we are adding a new and unique dimension: a painted edge in any RAL color.

Our product designers were looking for a way to coordinate a whiteboard or chalkboard with other interior objects through color, for example. Particularly from the corner of interior designers, we noticed a desire to come up with a subtle solution.

A colored border gives a subtle distinction to the board, without the surface itself losing functionality. Especially against a white wall, the border color gives contrast to a white sign against the white wall. For example, the color choice can match a corporate identity color or one of the more dominant interior colors.

Chameleon frameless whiteboards are lacquered by hand. This is precision work (with the board being manually checked for any discrepancies at the same time). Our employees lacquer whiteboards as follows:

  • Whiteboards with a right angle are lacquered white
  • Whiteboards with a rounded corner are varnished black on the outside and white at the seams
  • Chalkboards are finished in black

For large projects, we offer the freedom to choose any RAL color at no additional cost. Colors from the so-called RAL DESIGN SYSTEM can also be chosen. If the color code is known upon order confirmation, there is no delay in delivery time. For small projects, the border color is basically not possible, but is negotiable.

We use a 2-component primer with the following characteristics

  • Waterborne
  •  Excellent impact and wear resistance
  •  Low odor
  •  Good to clean
  •  Chemical-resistant
  •  Contains only 5 g/l of volatile organic compounds (EU limit value from 2010 max 140 g/l)

Want to know what the possibilities are for your project? Let us know via the ‘Specials’ product page.